Saint Antoine Residence (North Smithfield, RI)

“Excellence in Nursing Care and the Ultimate in Assisted Living”.

There are two specific locations here. The “St. Antoine Residence” is specifically for those with Alzheimer’s Disease who are dependent and require Nursing Care. The “Villa at St. Antoine” is for those with assisted living, and they have their own apartments.

My grandmother, Susan, is at the St. Antoine Residence, and it is a very caring and dedicated place. Whenever I go there to visit her, I am assured that she is in the best of care. St. Antoine’s has various ongoing community events and activities. Every year around Christmastime, there is a craft fair where some of the residents’ artwork is raffled off. During the summertime, some of the able residents and nurses, as well as volunteers, take a trip to the beach and to a seafood restaurant in Rhode Island.

It is unfortunate that my grandmother has to be in a nursing home, but she needs the help and assistance from people who know how to properly care for someone with the disease.

Link to the Saint Antoine website:


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